how to make your ideal evening

How To Make Your Ideal Evening Come True In The Best Restaurant

What people think makes the restaurant an ideal place to dine in during Evening? Excellent ambience, a corner filled with drinks and stuffed with excellent delicious food ( we believe that there is nothing sexier than a well-cooked meal). Apart from these smooth clean soft table linen, delectable odours and melodious music. For a family with children its important to have a playing space for them.

The Leaf Indian Restaurant inspired from French decor is pretty with fairy lights and vintage aroma that surrounds it. The Indian chef has a whimsical touch in making food with an Indian taste, such as the capability to transport into another realm of tranquillity and relaxation. The Leaf Indian Restaurant assures you even for an hour visit, that would be the time you would cherish as memory and date back for weeks and months and more.


An ideal evening doesn’t qualify as ideal unless it has sweet, sourly and tangy taste. An evening delights with Indian cuisine that tickles your taste buds. Spicy Golgappe with tamarind chutney savours your every pore. We have every food on the menu for every season and for all. One can enjoy Chole Bhature and pakore during rainy weather. We provide a single order to a vast buffet according to your will and health.

Saving is right

You don’t want to spend a lot on a single evening but spend a little for more evening. Having an idea of your pocket the menu in The Leaf Indian Restaurant stands on the point with every fixity. We serve Pocket-friendly dishes from $5 to $30 (includes combo and Thali). We provide customer friendly service with less burdened.